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Documentations about the DCC

Eternal Flame for the Strays

So the "Eternal Flame" for the Strays of Sri Lanka will never die....

Piet Bandiet and Hank Herum dedicated this song to the DCC, and
especially to the work of Marina Möbius - over the years this song 
became the anthem of the DCC.

Please feel free to use and share this song in the name of animal
welfare, but please don't miss to put a backlink to us.

Dog Care Clinic e.V. - We help !

Since 2007 the DCC has been the only hope for the stray dogs
in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

Learn more about all our projects and - Please help us to help 

Our Vaccination & Neutering Program

Consequent Vaccination & Neutering Programs are the
only solution for the stray dog problem in Sri Lanka.

That's why we've been offering free of charge vaccinations/
neuterings since over 10 years - on all365 days of the year.

+ 50.000 dogs neutered / + 500.000 dogs vaccinated -
these success numbers speak for themselves.

Please help us to carry on helping !

Our ReHome & DCC 50+ Project

The DCC does foreign animal protection where it belongs - exclusivly at site.

Dogs aren't "exported" abroad,  but given to local families and the DCC
guarantees a free life long medical care for them.
In the DCC 50+ senior citizens are given a monthly pension for taking in older /
handicapped dogs on top  - two absolutely unique projects - please help to
keep them up and running

Actions speak louder than words

A documentary by Piet Bandiet about the work of the DCC
taped in Spring 2012.

The Team of the Dog Care Clinic sends a big Thank You !
to Piet for his support and his efforts.

Our work at the Dog Care Clinic

A documentary from the early years of the DCC...

... accompany Marina Möbius and her Team -

find out how it all began.