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A part of the DCC team on the morning briefing
Ein Teil des DCC Teams bei der Morgenbesprechung.
An 365 Tagen im Einsatz für die Straßenhunde in Sri Lanka

We and our vision - Help for Animals and People in Sri Lanka

  • consistent neutering programs to reduce the number of stray dogs
  • mass vaccinations in to reduce diseases and to minimize the risk of
    rabies to both humans and animals
  • treatment and care of injured and sick animals
  • increase the understanding between dogs and humans
  • to help the locals in Sri Lanka by our social projects

We exclusively help and work at side in Sri Lanka - 
                  we aren't just exporting problems to other countries

Please support us, so we may keep our project sustainable -
           Here you'll find all the ways, how you can help us.

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Please help us to carry on helping !

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