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Animal Welfare Vacation

Animal loving visitors are welcome at the DCC on all 365 days of the year.

So why not book an animal welfare vacation (almost) on the clinic's yard ?

For interested animal friends we offer the opportunity to spend their holidays
in the DCC Volunteer House... has 2 beautifully furnished 2-person-apartments both with bath-room,
fully equipped kitchen, A/C, WLAN, washing machine, private garden, etc.

E.g. a 3-week stay in one of the 2-person-apartment is available
for € 499,00 (Sponsors € 400,00) + € 80,00 service fee.

Towels and Linens are provided, also a weekly cleaning is included in the
package price.


Discerning guests find a perfect holiday home in the neighbouring 
DCC Penthouse Apartment

 ...the apartment of approx. 115 m² has 2 separate bedrooms with own bath /
Open Air Shower, a spacious open built kitchen and a generously sized patio /
lounge with a scenic view.

    A night in the Double Bedroom is available for US$ 85,
    in the Master Bedroom for US$ 100.

    The whole apartment can be rented for e.g. US$ 179/night,
    or US$ 1.100/week.

    We're happy to send you your personalized offer on request.

As a matter of course A/C, WLAN and a daily cleaning service is included in
the package price - a holiday paradise over the roofs of Mihiripenna, which
leaves nothing to be desired.



The DCC Volunteer House and Penthouse Apartment are less than a
3 minute Scooter drive away from the clinic, here a clip of the ride...

 ...and both are located very centrally - so neither the next beach, nor 
the many places of intrest are far away and the nearby the nearby
supermarket makes them  the premium choice for self-catering guests.


The DCC is no "Petting Zoo" or "Event Park", but every animal friend is 
dearly invited to actively join the daily clinic routine... matter if with the feedings, for the puppy care or as "Play Pal" for our dogs
- helping hands are always welcome !

Take the opportunity to meet all our  "DCC Stars" live, book early and - last not least -

Every Cent helps us to carry on helping ! 

For booking, inquiries and/or further information you may reach us by phone

+49 (0) 7720 99767-37 / -26 (Mo.-Fr. 07:30-16:30)

or by eMail

 (You can find an ovierview of the options of accomodation HERE)