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DCC 50+ Program - Help for Animals AND People

According to our credo "Help for people and animals" we have extended our
approved ReHome Project since September 2014 by the DCC 50+ Program.

Sadly "older" (this starts already with dogs from 1 year old) and/or sick dogs
have hardly a chance to find a nice ReHome foster family.

Many dogs were abandoned by their owners simply disposed off in the streets,
others had to be taken from their owners because they were neglected in the
worst ways one can imagine.

These dogs are much too used to human company to be cared for on the 
streets via our Daily Tours or need permanent medication - the "typical"
DCC Residents.

But our space is not unlimited and the - too often found - dog hoarding is an
absolute No-Go for us, a true dilemma...

Since there is no social security in Sri Lanka and by our running project at the
Galle Retirement Home we got the idea to create an (additional) income for the
senior locals.

Actually, not an additional income but only too often the only income for many
elders - thus -

                                       literally a Win Win Situation for all.

Through the DCC 50+ program we find FURever homes for our Resident dogs
and help old and needy people - every 50+ partner receives 5.000 Rs (~ 35 €)
per month.

As like with every "normal" ReHome dog the DCC 50+ Program also includes all
medical care and frequent check-ups, so the overall additional cost per dog has
to be calculated with at least 70 € per month & this sum has to be funded
sustainably month by month.

We visit each of our 50+ dogs monthly, and the monthly DCC 50+ member
meeting at the clinic has become a social event since long... 

Our first 50+ dog was Millow, here with her new "foster dad

You may also follow our DCC 50+ Program on Facebook  and please help to
improve the lives of  2 "elders" significantly with your monthly donation

The DCC 50+ Program

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DCC 50 + is supported by

  • Sandra Schnaubelt 
  • Beate Schiffer
  • Wild At Heart Yoga
  • Sina Nähring
  • Maklerin Münster - Marghrita Magri
  • Beate Schiffer 
  • Oliver Schnitzler
  • Gil & Phil Blower
  • Angelika Hoffmann
  • Monika Stajer
  • Kim Denise Seither
  • 6 Months, by Maklerin Münster - Marghrita Magri
  • TRAVELKID Fernreisen GmbH & Co KG
  • Julia Lesniowski
  • Johanna Deppe
  • 3 Months, by Anita Bott (Happy)
  • 1 Month, by Dolores Berger
  • 1 Month, by Klaus Einer
  • 2 Months, by an anonymous Animal Friend
  • 4 Months, by Beate Burghard
  • 2 Months, by Anita Bott
  • 1 Month, by Claudia Huhn
  • 4 Months, by Katharina Vallender (Mitch)
  • 7 Months, by Jeannine Dürst-Lang
  • 8 Months, by Anita Bott (Mitch)
  • 12 Months, by Unity Media (Whoopy & Lioba)
  • 6 Months, by Barbara Willi
  • 1 Month, by Anja Niemczyk
  • 2 Months, by Claudia Huhn
  • 2 Months, by Stephanie Nießen
  • 1 Month, by Doreen Genzel
  • 1 Month, by Cindy Buechner
  • 1 Month, by Womens World Claudia Rohr e.K. (Robyn)
  • 1 Month, by Maria Walter
  • 1 Month, by Uta Hardert
  • 3 Months each, by Anja Lerch in memory of Ewa
  • 5 Months each, by Jutta Remensperger in memory of Sudu2
  • 6 Months, by Christoph Nussbaumer REINTECHNIK GMBH (Anjuk & Levi)
  • 2 Months, by Margherita Magri in memory of Poppeline
  • 6 Months, by Jochen Pretli
  • 58 Months, by Dwynwen Jones & Collie Gang Trust
  • 12 Months, by Margherita Magri
  • 1 Month, by Anja Petermann
  • 2 Months, by Markus Seifert
  • 1 Month, by Anja Hornberger
  • 3 Months, by Anita Bott to Mr.Happy
  • 4 Months per, Sarah and Alastair Gorton in memory of Booli
  • 4 Months per, Anna Schmidt in memory of Filien
  • 1 Month, Birgit Swenne for Black Mommy
  • 4 Months per, Simone Maser in memory of Pom
  • 5 Months per Jan Jasper Klein in memory of Mr.Maier