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Neutering and Vaccination Program

Since the very funding the Dog Care Clinic has always had a focus on a
consequent program of mass neuterings and vaccinations as the only
sustainable solution for the stray problem in Sri Lanka.

So on all 365 days of the year 2 Vet-Teams are on duty at the so-called
"New Clinic" and also our Catcher-Teams are on the road every day.

It's not just the neuterings - with the additional examinations and 
vaccinations we also have the opportunity to reduce rabies, yellow 
fever, distemper parasites and other infectious diseases - thus - in
in turn enables social interaction of humans and animals without
risks of infections. 

Neuterings: 54.113
Vaccinations: 526.483
Treatments: 79.297

These numbers speak for themselves - 

But all this has to be funded (cost-calculation as .PDF) and still 
Marina Möbius finances more than 80% of the expenses by herself.

So we are in urgent need of your financial help and support to
provide sustainable help !

External cover for DCC Neutering and Vaccination Program at 13.56%

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