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The Galle Retirement Home

at the Galle Retirement Home

According to our credo "Help for People and Animals" the Dog Care Clinic
established a program for the local Retirement Home at Galle.

The residents have about 20 dogs as company and dearly love them...

Unfortunately, the old people are lacking the knowledge - and the funds -
to keep and care for their dogs the way it should be.

So  the dogs were fed - in fact overfed - with cookies and other sweets.
Symptoms were not identified and when the illnesses broke through in fullest
there was no money for proper treatments.

As the result virtually all dogs suffer from parasites and infections ...

Representing for all we would like to introduce Selma 

Selma suffers - like most of her comrades - from Demodex Mites.

Her case is a most serious one...

She lost most of her fur and her body was covered of itching wounds.
This caused secondary infections which would have caused Selma's death.

Luckily enough the DCC team came to know about the situation on time.

Selma and her friends immediately got vaccinations and emergency
treatments and by now the team of the DCC visits the retirement
home at least every four weeks, gives advice to the owners and
also supports the elders...

... cause in a country without a proper social system its especially the
elders and the handicapped, who are shirked to that home, who are in
desperate need of help.

Only too often they are even lacking food and other small basic items of daily
life - thus -

             Please help us to help !

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