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Brown SHT

Name: Brown SHT
Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Age: ca 7 years and 3 months
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Waiting since: 6 years and 3 months

Brown SHT is sponsored by:

Jörg Pollack
Beate Schiffer
Katrin Dörfler 

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Brown is one of our "Problem Childs", but also one of the luckiest dogs one can imagine...

His Owner brought Brown after an accident with horrible head injuries (Attention, the gallery contains pics of them).

Most would have written Brown off as a "hopeless case", but his owner begged us to safe her dog.
She is really attached to Brown and during all the long weeks of coma and recovery she took the long travel to the clinic (almost) daily - a sample of love to a dog, that touched us deeply.

Yet greater our joy when Brown recovered more and more and became an (almost) normal dog again.

On our first After Care Visit we cam to know, that Browns owner treated him like a family member, but that they are also very, very poor.


According to our Credo - "Help for Animals and People" - we have been supporting Browns Family eversince. The accident left his marks, so while Brown is lifely and happy he will still remain on help for the rest of his life. Please help us to help dogs like Brown !