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Name: Eric
Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Age: ca 6 months
Neutered/Spayed: No
Vaccinated: Yes
Waiting since: 6 months

Eric is sponsored by:

Nicola Fischer
Andre Reinegger
Norbert Rosa
Barbara Fisinger

Daniela Kiemele

Michael Sacchi
Alexandra Hasselbach

External cover for Eric at 20.20%

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Eric was found in a miserable condition by two animal loving expats from England. They brought the little guy to us and engaged in covering some of his treatment costs. Without their courage Eric would have had no chance of survival on the streets of Sri Lanka. Upon arrival he weighed less than a kilogramm!

More than once we were worried the previous neglect would take its toll but Eric is a true warrior. We were able to nurse him up and strengthen his immune system. Puppy care is particular time and money consuming.

By now, Eric has grown into a bautiful teen. But still he needs his medicine and we were hoping he would not become 'too old' to find a family through our Rehome program

But the little guy was lucky and found a loving Rehome family. Like for all of our dogs, our care for Eric doesn't stop at this point. We will give him his booster shots and pick him up for castration when old enough. If Eric is ever getting sick we will treat him for free. Once a DCC dog, always a DCC dog!

Please help us to be always there for dogs like Eric.

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