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Jimmy II

Name: Jimmy II
Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Waiting since: 5 years and 9 months

Jimmy II is sponsored by:

Womens World Claudia Rohr e.K.
Claudia Stadlmayer

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Jimmy arrived at our clinic together with his two sisters five years ago. Their mother is a stray dog in Mihiripenna. Of course, we neutered her and ever since we care for her via our daily feeding tour.

Luckily, all of the siblings found Rehome families but sadly, we had to notice that skin problems apparaently run in the family. We had to treat Jimmy and his sister Belvy several times over many months in our clinic.

As soon as Jimmy was taken back home his problems arose once again. Since Jimmy was also put on a chain frequently, we kept him in the clinic eventually.

The daughter of Jimmy's Rehome dad is blind since her birth and stays at a home for the blind during term time. During the school holiday she lives at home with her family. Since she is very much attached to Jimmy and missed him much we agreed to return Jimmy home when the girl is there. The remaining time of the year he is a resident at our clinic.

Due to his bad skin Jimmy will need medical care throughout his life.

Thus, Jimmy heavily relies on kind sponsors.
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