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Newsletter October 2022

Marina Möbius reports on the country's continuing desolate situation and the current challenges. We present the most incredible transformations of the last few months and are urgently looking for sponsors for some of our protégés.



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The third quarter 2022

Dear friends of the DCC,

difficult months are behind us and the crisis in the country is far from over. In the western countries one hardly hears anything from Sri Lanka anymore, but the problems are not solved. I am desperate because we can no longer afford many products. Compared to the previous year, the price of chicken alone has risen from 450 to max. 600 rupees to 1,350 rupees per kilo! Electricity prices have also almost quadrupled. It is a disaster! I had to take further austerity measures so that we can continue to care for the animals. We now only add 2/3 of the normal amount of meat to the feed, we hardly add any food supplements and vitamins, we no longer buy coconuts, but only use those that we can harvest on the premises and we have switched from branded to cheap products wherever possible. If things continue like this, I will unfortunately have to lay off employees.

After a long struggle, we are at least finally recognized as a hospital and are therefore allowed to buy 150 liters of petrol and diesel per week and no longer have to queue for hours at the gas stations. Unfortunately, it often happens that we only receive a fraction of the amount allocated to us. The electricity is switched off for several hours every day and so we have to use our diesel for the generator. The rest is just enough for our daily feeding tours.

In addition, due to the high costs, we have to weigh up very carefully what items we can send to Sri Lanka by container. Unfortunately, customs officials do not believe that the goods are only intended for the charity, but rather assume that we want to sell it for profit. As a result, the punitive tariffs on feed and food supplements are so high that we can no longer afford to import them.

A terrible trend has also continued in the last three months: huge numbers of owner dogs and puppies are being thrown onto the streets. At the same time, hardly anyone is willing to adopt a dog. It's a real vicious circle.

We continue to fight for survival and, despite the difficulties, we have been able to achieve the following numbers in the past three months:

We need your help more than ever in the coming months. We have somehow mastered all crises in the last 17 years. This time we will not make it through the winter without further financial help!!!
These mothers and their babies need your help!
My name is Esther and I have four puppies.
We were dumped on the street by our family. I was so scared for my babies! We hid under a concrete slab. We were crying and our bodies were shaking. There we were found and taken to the DCC. Now we need food and medicine.
Click here to donate 10 Euro via PayPal
It took us a whole day to track down Nanna and her five puppies. Someone had dumped them near the clinic and the dogs ran off in different directions in a panic. The little ones are in terrible condition and need to be nursed back to health for weeks. We need about 20 euros a day for the family.
Sponsor one day of food and medicine for the whole family
Lily's rescue was last minute. Due to another vet's bungling, a stomach wound became life-threateningly infected. She came to us very pregnant and gave birth to six puppies shortly after her arrival. A seventh puppy followed later. For us, this means eight newcomers in one fell swoop that now have to be taken care of. All puppies get 8 bottles of milk daily because Lily doesn't have enough natural milk. That makes 56 bottles a day!
Donate 56 Euro for their daily milk bottles and save the puppies lives!
With these three mothers and their puppies we have taken in a total of 19 new dogs within a few days - in addition to further patients and abandoned dogs that come to us every day.
Current cases
In addition to the almost 400 puppies, young dogs, disabled dogs and residents that we care for on the hospital premises, we also currently have 34 injured and seriously ill dogs that require daily treatment. Willy has a life-threatening head wound, Beach is in disastrous general condition, has a vaginal tumor, babesiosis and demodicosis, Maia has had an eye amputation, lacerations and babesiosis, Woody has numerous maggot-infested wounds and mange. Of course, every treatment has a cost.
An amputation with preliminary examinations, surgery and aftercare, for example, costs around 250 euros. A four-week inpatient babesiosis treatment costs us around 450 euros.
Success stories
Transformations like those of Pablo, Lupo and Luca encourage us to never give up!
When we spotted this Boxer mix in our parking lot, tears welled up in our eyes. He was tied to a tree and curled up there in fear. His condition was pathetic. Surely he was abandoned by his useless owner. We named him Pablo and gave him a second life!
Click here for Pablo's sponsor page with more photos and the harrowing video of his rescue.

We found Lupo near the neighboring temple. Surely he was abandoned there by his owner. The ongoing crisis in the country is driving the population even deeper into poverty. Hardly anyone can (or wants to) take care of their pet anymore. Lupo suffered from malnutrition, a serious fungal infection and babesiosis. We have nursed him back to health and would now like to give him a happy old age.
Unfortunately he hasn't found a sponsor yet

Learn more about Lupo and become his first sponsor!
You surely remember Ridgeback Luca. He came to us more dead than alive. It was a long and hard road for him and us, but Luca made it! Not only did we save Luca's life, we also gave him a new home. We visit Luca regularly and make sure he is always fine. HERE is Luca's page with many more photos.
Sponsors wanted!
Click here to become a sponsor for Charlotte's puppy
Click here to become Fluffy's sponsor
Click here to become Truth's sponsor
Click here to support Glossy, Giggle and their family
As a sponsor your help becomes visible. You set an example against animal suffering in Sri Lanka! Each sponsor receives a personalized sponsorship certificate and, if desired, is mentioned by name on the page of the respective dog. The amount for the monthly donation is up to you. Most sponsorships are between 15 and 20 euros. As a sponsor, we will inform you if something happens to your protégé.
Every sponsorship saves lives and helps us to help, because monthly donations enable us to plan and calculate.

Please also consider Wise as Wise offers better exchange rates than PayPal. 

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If you want to donate in any other currency please contact us and we will tell you the details to keep the fees as minimal as possible!

Click here for all donation info
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