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Sri Lanka is experiencing it's worst ecomomic crisis

We are affected strongly by Sri Lanka's desolate economic situation.

The consequences of years of mismanagement, the Covid pandemic and now the terrible war in Ukraine are endangering our projects, which we run to help animals and humans.

We had already suffered from rising prices and the shortage of gas in the past few months . Again and again we have to cook the food for 1,000 animals on wood because gas is not available. Powdered milk and milk have not been available for a long time - a catastrophe for our puppies. Inflation is at 14%. The prices of many medicines and animal food have doubled. We now have to stockpile many veterinary products as Sri Lanka can no longer afford to import them. The further care of the animals is in danger and the organization of the medicines is an enormous organizational effort and requires more of our already scarce resources.

Sri Lanka does not have enough foreign exchange to maintain the energy supply. Coal-fired power plants have already been taken off the grid due to a lack of fuel, and low water levels limit the operation of hydroelectric power plants. The result is power outages lasting hours every day. For a clinic like ours, this is a catastrophe. We need electricity to perform surgeries, do blood tests, and keep the meds cool. Newborn puppies need the warmth of the red light lamp, sick animals need to be weighed regularly. Of course, we also need electricity for lights, water pumps and all other technical devices that we use. We have a generator to accommodate power outages, but now we have a dramatic fuel shortage. The diesel we need for the generator is hard to get. Every day we have to queue for hours to get a few liters. Sri Lanka's largest energy company, IOC, has now increased petrol and diesel prices by 11 and 12 per cent respectively - having recently risen by 7 per cent!Our rescue tuktuk rides and check-up visits are becoming more and more expensive and of course the prices for all other goods are also increasing due to the high petrol prices . Here in Sri Lanka everyone is affected badly by the economic crisis.

Since the start of the pandemic, the tourism industry has suffered tremendously and Sri Lanka has increasingly relied on Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians to get tourism going again. The war in Ukraine smashed this and we have to reckon with tourism coming to a standstill again. For us, this means fewer visitors, fewer donations, fewer volunteers and fewer people who can bring much-needed supplies.

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