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The DCC Help Shop

We decided to offer our friends and supporters goods mostly
produced by Sri Lankan craftmen and producers.

Here you do not only have the opportunity to buy high quality
and genuine products, but you also support our project and the
people at Sri Lanka.

If you think that some prices are to high - please consider :



  • most products are unique items, manufactured by hand
  • the DCC takes care, that all local producers get a fair price
  • there is no Child Labour involved in any product we offer
  • all goods are produced in the most enviroment friendly way possible

and - Last not Least -

  • every Cent is to the benefit of the local people and the project
DCC 'Puppy Towels'

DCC 'Puppy Towels'

If as donation, as beach- / bathing-towel or as a gift for the animal friend - these high quality blankets in the size of 70 x 140 cm are always