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ReHome - DCC dogs in local families


The Dog Care Clinic tries to find foster homes for the healthy and treated
puppies and dogs within local families - by that we have been able to convey
thousands of dogs since the founding of the Dog Care Clinic.

For most of these families are poor, some of them have to be supported
via the DCC social projects by frequent supplies of rice, medication or
e.g. with school articles for their children....

The video above shows some impressions of Marina Möbius providing
Yomali, the daughter of one of our needy ReHome families, (school) clothing.

The dogs strengthen the families' social structure and promote an awareness
of the relation between humans and animals among the Sri Lankans.

So every ReHome dog becomes an ambassador of the DCC Project.

After finding a foster family our care for the dogs doesn't end at all.

By the age of ~ 8 months the dogs are picked up for their castration and
after another 2 months there's a check-up. Furthermore all ReHome dogs are
entiteled to a free lifetime medical service - if needed as in-patients.

Here's our team member Aja - visiting and supporting the family of Sudu
and Martak.

On these visits also the health and condition of the dogs are checked, and
how important these visits are has shown more than once.

You may follow the ReHome Project also on Facebook and -
Please support this worthwhile DCC Project, to help the dogs
and their foster familes sustainably !

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The DCC ReHome Project is supported by

  • Marion Frömming
  • Yvonne Mahlo
  • Burkhard Plautz, in memory of Lafey
  • Anke Korner,
  • Beate Dresel
  • Angelina Ege
  • Margarethe & Jörg Gillrath in memory of Blacky III
  • Johannes Mikutta
  • Birgitta Kiersch
  • Nina Kass
  • Caroline und Dominique Saenger
  • Beate Kessel für Saba
  • Gitte Jorgensen
  • Michaela Schrade
  • Patrick Haas in memory of Waldi
  • Anja Hornberger in memory of Janthi
  • Johannes Altmann in memory of Sinky
  • Gudrun Daniel in memory of Samson
  • Jana Holz für Saba
  • Bettina Saracino
  • Wolfgang Brühl
  • Gabriela Eberling
  • Gudrun Bürk in memory of Milkshake
  • Martina Pelz in memory of Nori
  • Inge Brandmeier
  • Martina Stark in memory of Lennox
  • Josephine Mahler für Acon
  • Rebecca Weiss