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The DCC Field Clinics

Neuterings: 76.165
Vaccinations: 576.279
Treatments: 456.086



Since 2007 the DCC is conducting a consequent vaccination & spayneuter program...

With plus 67.000 neuterings and more than 560.000 vaccinations we managed to have a much smaller and healthier dog popoluation in our area. Sadly there are no matching programs in the adjoining areas, our resources are limited and so there's hardly a single day we won't have to find puppies from right those areas in front of our gate - Cause its well know, that the DCC always helps !

But by now we are - literally (!) - drowning in puppies and teens and the only solution are additional  spayneuter assignments in the adjoining areas, so since August 2018 a mobile expert team under the supervision of the known Vet Dr. Chamith is conducting DCC Field Clinics on a monthly base.

On each day the well-rehearsed 8-person team (2 doctors, 3 vet assistants & 3 catchers) can additionally (!) vaccinate and castrate around 80 animals by now and every neutering today prevents the suffering of hundreds of dogs "tomorrow" !

The DCC Field Clinic is conducted every month on 5 consecutive days, gently capturing the animals early in the morning until about 11:00 in nets and immediately sedating them to avoid unnecessary panic, and all animals are cared for for several hours after waking up.

In addition to the castrations and vaccinations, the team of experts of Dr. Chamith is also increasingly providing medical care up to surgeries - on the outskirts, too often the only option for owners to get treatments for their dogs, treatments that have saved many lives.

But we need YOUR support to fund these capacities !

Depending on the exchange rate the funds needed per assignment are about € 700, so all in all an additional € 3.500 / month have to be raised.

Impressions of our Field Clinics

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This project is supported by:

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