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The DCC Field Clinics

Neuterings: 65.915
Vaccinations: 566.488
Treatments: 447.367



Since 2007 the DCC is conducting a consequent vaccination & spayneuter program...

With plus 64.000 neuterings and more than 560.000 vaccinations we managed to have a much smaller and healthier dog popoluation in our area. Sadly there are no matching programs in the adjoining areas, our resources are limited and so there's hardly a single day we won't have to find puppies from right those areas in front of our gate - Cause its well know, that the DCC always helps !

But by now we are - literally (!) - drowning in puppies and teens and the only solution are additional  spayneuter assignments in the adjoining areas, so since August 2018 a mobile expert team under the supervision of the known Vet Dr. Chamith is conduction DCC Field Clinics on a monthly base. On each day  additional (!) 75 dogs can be vaccinated & neutered and every neutering today prevents the suffering of hundreds of dogs "tomorrow" !

But we need YOUR support to fund these capacities !

On today's exchange rate today the funds needed per assignment are € 575, so all in all an additional € 2.875 / month have to be raised.

Impressions of our Field Clinics

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