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Name: Heidi
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Age: ca 2 years and 5 months
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 2 years and 2 months
External cover for Heidi at 21.08%

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Heidi is sponsored by:

Margherita Magri
Lydia Jäschke
Erika Piel (in memory of Choki)
Julia Wachendörfer

Beate Dresel
Heidemarie Rothschuh
Beverley Gold


Heidi was brought to us after an accident. She had a head injury and both of her front legs were broken - one leg with one fracture and the other one with three.  

Despite her severer injuries she was filled with energy and a strong will to live. We treated her wound and splinted her legs. The healing process was long and demanded a lot of patience from us and Heidi in particular. But eventually, her plaster came off and Heidi is back on her feet. However, due to the severe fractures she is handicapped now and in the eyes of many Sinhalese people worthless. Her owner never asked about his "darling"...

So Heidi is now another Resident on our clinic compound and will need our care for the rest of her life. 

If you have a heart for handicapped dogs you can become Heidi's sponsor here!