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Name: Chantal
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 3 years and 1 month
External cover for Chantal at 20.00%

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Chantal is sponsored by:

Sandra Lühl
Maike Vos


An animal loving Sinhalese man called our clinic informing us about two dogs in the neighbourhood which were screaming loudly and which were kept on chains.
Of course, one of our rescue team went to help the dogs. Our employees found two dogs, freightened to death and chained on a property without protection from sun and rain. The owner denied that these two were his dogs and pretended to not have keys for the padlocks of the chains. He was not able to give an explanation how the two "unknown" dogs managed to sneak into his property and tie themselves up...

But anyway, we didn't waste time on useless discussions but took the dogs with us. They were rain-drenched.

Apparently, they had never received any vaccinations and sadly, Chanel, the black-white dog, was already carrying the deadly distemper virus. We couldn't save her life.

Chantal was lucky not to get infected. We nursed her up, treated her wounds, vaccinated and spayed her. The frightened shy dog turned into a self confident lady.

But what to do with her? We were packed to the roof and due to her color (brown), her gender (female) and her age (no puppy) it was impossible to find her a place in our Rehome program. Eventually, we put her in our DCC 50+, the social project for people and animals. In return for caring for Chantal her needy foster mum receives a monthly pension from the DCC. Of course, we continue our medical care for Chantal, too.

Every dog in the DCC 50+ thus means additonal costs of 70 Euro per month.

Now, we rely on your help so we can rescue many more dogs like Chantal.

Please help us to help!