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Name: Floddi
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Age: ca 7 years and 2 months
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 6 years and 11 months
External cover for Floddi at 7.20%

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Floddi is sponsored by:

Margot Tuchscherer
Alexandra Neukirch


Floddi is "just" another dog rescued from the misery she would have faced on the streets of Sri Lanka. One of our teams found her on their daily tours

The "clumsy" pup grew to become a "young lady" and still we care
for her in one of our DCC packs.

By now she is "too old" for a ReHome - another Resident of the DCC,
another dog nobody wants...

Since Floddi loves a close contact with people we decided to give her
a permanent home with one of our employees. Of course we continue
our care for her.

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