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Latika and Gesa

Name: Latika and Gesa
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 4 years and 1 month
External cover for Latika and Gesa at 1.94%

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Latika and Gesa are sponsored by:

Maciej Grebski


Latika and Gesa - two dogs with a similar sad story.

Latika as well as Gesa were dumped as puppies in front of our clinic. We nursed them up, vaccinated and neutered them. Luckily, both dogs were adopted through our ReHome program but their luck didn't last for long.

On our check up visit we had to find out that Latika - despite a big walled property - was chained and very much afraid. The owners told us Latika would chew on the plants... We freed Latika from her chain and took her back with us.
Gesa was returned by her foster dad because he wasn't interested anymore in having a dog. Before he dropped off Gesa and left the clinic he even cursed at our employees.

Now, both dogs were back in the clinic and had become "too old" for our ReHome. Nobody wanted to take them anymore and so we had to place them with a DCC 50+ family in our social program to help people and animals alike. Latika and Gesa now live with a poor but animal-loving family and are visited by us monthly. The family receives a small pension to care for the dogs and we provide free medical supervision. The DCC 50+ is a true success but also very costly.

Latika and Gesa are eagerly waiting for nice sponsors to accompany them and their foster family!
Please help us to help!