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Levi & Anjuk

Name: Levi & Anjuk
Breed: Mix
Age: ca 5 years and 5 months
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 5 years
External cover for Levi & Anjuk at 40.00%

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Levi & Anjuk are sponsored by:

Fabienne Meyer 

Anjuk & Levi bedanken sich für jeweils 6 DCC 50+ Monate bei
Christoph Nussbaumer REINTECHNIK GMBH


Levi and Anjuk were not always so happy...

Like (too) many of their comrades they were "disposed off" in front
of our gate when they were only small puppies....

They were terrified and emaciated. Surely, they hadn't made good experience with people before. We found them on time, nursed them up and turned them back into carefree dogs. We hoped they would find a nice ReHome Place one day.

But time passed and the two got "too old" for a ReHome, so we had to get them a... at our DCC 50+ Program, the Social Project to help Animals and People.

At their DCC 50+ family Anjuk and Levi can now enjoy their life. And through continuous check ups and the provision of free medical supervision we can ensure this will never change.

Unfortunately, this "all round carefree package" is very cost intensive and so we would like to ask you to please help us to help dogs like Anjuk and Levi !

End of of the year 2016, Anjuk's kidney values worsened very quickly and we couldn't stop her from crossing the rainbow bridge. Anjuk, we will never forget you!

Of course, we will continue our care for Levi.