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Meme and Livie

Name: Meme and Livie
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
External cover for Meme and Livie at 18.00%

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Meme and Livie are sponsored by:

DCC Charity Markt 35/2019


Meme and Livie are yet another two dos we care for through our DCC 50+ program, our social project for people and animals. This means, they have found a safe home with a poor family that provides food and shelter for the dogs. In return, we pay the foster parents a monthly pension of 35 Euro per dog. The medical care for the dogs is provided by us for free. So, every dog in the DCC 50+ means additional costs of 70 Euro per month for the DCC.
Most of the dogs in the DCC 50+ have similar stories like Meme and Livie.

When Meme was still a growing dog the owner must have lost interest in her as we found her dumped on the road in front of our clinic. 

She was lucky we found her before she suffered any injuries from the reckless drivers in Sri Lanka. We took Meme in and were happy when she found a Rehome place soon after. When we came to pick her up for castration we noticed the owner had not taken care of her and so Meme came back to the clinic. To spare her from another bad experience we eventually put her in our DCC 50+ program.

Now, she lives together with Livie. Livie was found by our catchers with severe skin problems. We had to nurse her up and treat her over a long period of time. Because of to her very weak immune system she was very prone to demodectic mange. During her stay with us she got much too attached to people to be put back on the street. Due to our limited space we put her in our DCC 50+ program.

Both dogs now have a safe home for the rest of their lives but financing the DCC 50+ program is a big challenge for us.

Please help us to help dogs like Meme and Livie and their foster family!