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Name: Migel
Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Age: ca 7 years and 10 months
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 7 years and 9 months
External cover for Migel at 6.67%

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Migel is sponsored by:

Claudia Schmitt


One of our staff members found Migel on one of our Daily Tours and brought him to us immediately - a small pup with barely the slightest chance to survive on the streets. We saved his live, nursed him up, vaccinated and neutered him.

 Migel found a nice foster family and we continued our care for via our ReHome Project. But on one check-up we had to notice a severe loss of weight....

After we had nursed Migel up we didn't return him to that foster family, but gave him a place in our DCC 50+ Program, the social project to help animals and people.

 Now Migel has a safe home and his Foster Dad has an (additional) income - but for us every DCC 50+ Place means additional running expenses...

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