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Name: Milly
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Age: ca 6 years and 2 months
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 6 years
External cover for Milly at 61.72%

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Milly is sponsored by:

Nathalie Ziegler
Daniela Schütze
Cornelia Geske

Manuela de Silva
DCC Charity Markt KW 36/19


Like (too) many of her comradfes Milly was abandoned on the streets, when she was only a puppy....

...we found her on the edge of time, nursed her up and were so happy, when she found a DCC ReHome place.

Yet bigger the shock when we picked her for her neutering 

- Milly was only skin and bones, her foster family hardly ever fed her....

Of course milly was not returned to that foster family and she was too old for a new ReHome anyway... she is a DCC Resident or another candidate for our DCC 50+ Program and hopes for many kind sponsors willing to accompany her future life together with us.