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Papsi & Pookie

Name: Papsi & Pookie
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 4 years and 8 months
External cover for Papsi & Pookie at 15.00%

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Papsi & Pookie are sponsored by:

Katarina Kralova, Funky Bow Ties
Marlies Möckli Schibli


We found Pookie and Papsi (they are mother and daughter) abandoned on the street to our clinic....
...trustful as they were, they likely had an owner some long while. 

They were in a pitiful condition but over many weeks we nursed Pookie and Papsi back to health. Only because of their age it was pretty clear, that they would never find a "normal" ReHome place. We couldn't put them back on the streets and since we didn't want to split the two...  

...we got them places at our DCC 50+ Project, the social program to help animals and people.

Now they have a safe home and their foster dad an (additional) income - but every DCC 50+ also means additional running costs for the DCC.

In November 2019, Papsi suddenly passed away. We continue our care for Pookie of course.

That's why Pookie hopes for many kind sponsors