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Presley and Pearl

Name: Presley and Pearl
Breed: Mix
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 4 years and 5 months
External cover for Presley and Pearl at 6.11%

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Presley and Pearl are sponsored by:

Jana Matz

Alexandra Fulford as a Christmas present to Juliet Fulford


Presley and his five siblings were way too early seperated from their mother and then simply dumped in a cardboard box in front of our gate. When we found them the card board box was rain-drenched and the siblings were soaked, too.

Without hesitation we took them in the clinic, dried and fed them. In the following days and weeks we were fighting for the siblings and more than once we were afraid they wouldn't survive. Thanks to our care we could rescue five out of the six puppies.
Like their siblings, Presley developed nicely and was successfully rehomed to a local loving family.
A happy end? Sadly not. Less than a year later, the owner suddenly appeared in our clinic with Presley in his arms. Visibly moved, he told us he had to return Presley as the family had to move to the city because of their daughter's school enrollment. The Rehome dad didnt take it light-heartedly but of course we wished he had thought about that earlier.

Now, we had another grown-up dog too old for our Rehome program. To minimize the stress for Presley, we directly put him in our Rehome 50+ program, the social project for animals and people. Pearl, who was found malnourished by Marina Möbius on our daily tour, accompanied him.
Presley and Pearl have found a safe home and the DCC 50+ family receives an (additional) income.

Please take a look at our unique DCC 50+ program and help us to be always there for dogs like Presley and Pearl.