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Name: Thalia
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Neutered/Spayed: No
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 1 year and 7 months
External cover for Thalia at 10.00%

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Thalia is sponsored by:

Caroline Baetge

Gabriele Uhl
Brett Beckner


We found this poor soul in front of the Old People's Home in Galle during one of our regular visits there. She was in a pitiful condition and likely had been dumped in front of the home. We took her with us for treatments at the clinic and gave her the name Thalia.

Our treatments show good results and Thalia has turned into the beautiful dog she used to be. However, she will never find a place through our Rehome program because she is too old to be of interest for most Sri Lankans. Male dogs are far more popular than females, too.

So, Thalia will stay at our clinic or will be integrated into the pack at the Old People's Home. Here, you can find more information on our social program to support the dogs and elders at the home.

We will continue our care for Thalia and are hoping for many kind sponsors to help us!