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Name: Yoga
Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Age: ca 4 years and 5 months
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 4 years and 2 months
External cover for Yoga at 43.83%

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Yoga is sponsored by:

Iris Pufe
DCC Charity Markt 34/2019


Like so many other puppies Yoga was brought to us by tourists.

They also became her first sponsors and later Yoga should find her home in
the guesthouse the two spent their holidays at - sadly, Yoga never found a
home there,  her "saviours" lost their interest over the years and let their
sponsorhip phase out.

Being a female in the "color of the strays" she never had a chance to find a
DCC ReHome family
and so we had to place her into our DCC 50+ Program,
a social program to help animals and people alike. 

Now, Yoga has a FURever home and her foster mom an (additional)income
but the running additional expenses have to be funded.