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We and our vision - Help for Animals and People in Sri Lanka

  • we follow consistent neutering programs to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats
  • we carry out mass vaccinations in order to reduce diseases and to minimize the risk of rabies to both humans and animals
  • we provide treatment and care of injured and sick animals
  • we increase the understanding between dogs and humans and advocate responsible pet ownership
  • we help the locals in Sri Lanka with our social projects

We exclusively help and work at site in Sri Lanka - 
                  we don't export problems to other countries

Please support us, so we may keep our project sustainable -
           Here you'll find all the possibilities to help us.

FAQ - Facts about the DCC

Here you'll find a summary of the most important information on our costs and their funding:

How is the clinic funded?

Dog Care Clinic is a charity registered in Germany as well as in Sri Lanka. The biggest share of costs is covered by our founder Marina Möbius herself. The remaining share is covered by donations by animal lovers. There is no support from the Sri Lankan government at all – even though every vaccination and every neutering are an important contribution to getting the stray dog situation under control. Therefore, we desperately rely on donations. In Germany and - according to ECJ C-318/07 - also in most European countries donations to us are tax deductible.

The funds we need to take care of each dog vary greatly. They depend on the age, health condition and residence of the animal. The costs for a healthy adopted dog can be covered with about 20 Euro per month while it takes around 280 Euro for a severely disabled dog at the clinic. They receive intensive care by a special team and require a lot of imported medication. Most rescue dogs cost between 100 and 200 Euro per month. Please keep in mind: For every animal under our care we also need to include the costs to run the clinic in general. There are not only the costs for food and medication but also for electricity, water, cleaning, maintenance and so on. We also have to pay the salaries for our employees. Despite our interns there are no volunteers. To get an idea on costs you can get more detailed information on food costs here – every Euro fills a bowl!

Pinning down the costs for each vaccination and each neutering is complicated too since we need to include a lot of additional costs as well. On average, every vaccination is 5 Euro and every neutering is around 30 Euro. You can find more details on the neutering costs here. Despite the associated costs we offer all vaccinations, neuterings and treatments free of charge for poor local people. It must never happen that a dog has to suffer simply because the owner cannot afford vet fees. Therefore, it is of immense importance to cover the costs with donations. Every Euro helps toward this goal!

We believe that every Euro should be spent for the actual cause: to help the suffering animals in Sri Lanka. Hence, no Cent of your donation is spent on ads or administration. Our public relations are limited to the use of free channels such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. We do not need money for costly PR activities. The administration of DCC is very slim as well. Marina Möbius contributes a lot of her time. She also covers the costs incurred in Germany (e.g. transport of aid supplies). Only currency fluctuation as well as a small PayPal / transfer fees for foreign donations have to be deducted.

Since we are well aware of the harsh living conditions of many people in Sri Lanka, too, we combine our animal welfare and humanitarian aid. Our credo is "help for people AND animals". Our social adoption scheme, called DCC 50+ program, is a true success story. More than 160 dogs have been adopted by poor senior citizens. The locals receive a monthly pension in return for taking care of the dogs. Our furry friends have a loving home and their caring owners receive a steady income. In addition to this program, we support a lot of our Rehome families with food donations and school items for their children. We also take care of the dogs at the local old people’s home and provide food and sanitary products for the residents on our visits. Besides our continuing social aid programs we also step in when there is an acute and sudden need for help, e.g. during the horrible flooding in 2017 or the Covid pandemic. Obviously, this help needs to be funded, too.

The #DCC on YouTube

On our YouTube Chanel you'll find many interresting clips about us and our vison.