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Pedigree dogs


Pedigree dogs are often bought for status reasons. German shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers and Great Danes are especially popular. Big and strong dogs that make the owners feel powerful and important.

Sadly, there are no regulations controlling breeders and the dogs are bred under horrific conditions. In so called puppy mills bitches have to produce litter after litter. Nobody checks their health condition.

The puppies are separated from their mothers way too early and the result are pedigree dogs with an extremely weak immune system. Many are already born with genetic disorders and are prone for diseases. In the beginning, the owners are still eager to get their pets treated but soon it becomes too "stressful" and too expensive. The dogs are just dumped and left to their fate.

We find these abandoned souls in horrific condition and often it is already too late. Other dogs can be saved with weeks of intensive care but get sick again and again. It is heartbreaking.

There is a huge lack of awareness on this topic among the local population.

These transformations show the sad situation of pedigree dogs.