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Our Daily Tours

The neutered and treated strays returned to their "stomping grounds" are not simply abandoned to face a lone future back on the streets of Sri Lanka....

Since the very beginning of our project we do daily tours to the gathering places at the hours the dogs got used to - the dogs arrive at these places and get a good meal.

Over time, we also included more and more dogs from poor residents and so we now take care of around 400 dogs and cats every day on our feeding tour. Not only do we feed them, we also vaccinate and deworm them. In the event of illness, we will of course treat them free of charge.

Our tuktuk is packed to the brim with food and medicine and leaves the clinic at 11:30am and returns just before sunset.

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, tourism came to a standstill and suddenly the dogs in the tourist areas, which were otherwise fed with the leftovers from the restaurants, went hungry. Since April 2020 we have therefore expanded our feeding tour by around 100 dogs and cats on the beaches and the main road between Thalpe and Galle. Our beach tour lasts around two hours and is also done daily.

500 animals are waiting for our tuktuk every day. Please don't let the animals down and help us to help them!

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