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Become a Sponsor

for one of our dogs, or one of our problem childs, that spend their lives with us.

With a monthly donation you'll help to provide food and (medical) care for one
of these dogs.

If you live in a EU Country just fill in this Sponsorship Contract (.PDF) and send
it back to us if your bank supports a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate.

If you are from a Non EU Country, or unsure if your Bank supports SEPA you
may install a monthly International Money Transfer payable to :

                          Dog Care Clinic e.V.
                          Kronenstr. 34

                          78054 VS-Schwenningen

                    Our Donation Account:
                          Swiftcode/ BIC SOLADES1VSS
                          IBAN DE 6769 4500 6501 5096 9221
                          Sparkasse Schwarzwald-Baar

Or yet easier and convenient via PayPal -
Simply enter the name of the dog / project and the amount of your monthly
support, then click the subscribe button.

Become a Sponsor via Paypal

Send a monthly donation of
to DCC Sponsorship

You'll receive a Sponsorship Certificate and we'll try to inform you on our Homepage or via Facebook as often as possible about the wellbeing
of "your protégé".

But please note, that we are mainly an (Emergency) Clinic and that we have to put a focus on our Neutering-/Vaccination Programs and our
Daily Tours

Our staff  - of course - has to care for the wellbeing of the dogs before they can even think about taking e.g. photographs, so we ask for your
understanding, if there might be no news of "your protégé" for any longer time. 



The Dog Care Clinic e.V. is a recognized, registered charity, so donations to
the DCC are tax-deductible in many (EU) countries.

Ask your tax consultant for details and of course we issue annual donations
receipts on request.