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Help with a dog food sponsorship !


So many animals are waiting for a sponsor...  TOO many so you can't decide  ?

Why not support them ALL with a food donation or sponsorship !

Dog food

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Donate dog food

We feed around 1,000 animals inside and outside the clinic every day. We prepare the food in the clinic kitchen and make sure it contains all the necessary nutrients. The demand is enormous and we cannot bear the costs alone.

EACH DAY we feed 130 kg of rice, 30 kg of dry food, 180 kg of meat, 35 kg of vegetables, 3 kg of sausages and 150 eggs. We also add spices, stock cubes, oil and coconuts

Daily costs of around 500 euros arise for the food alone - and this does not include the costs for the preparation and distribution.

This is the impact of your donation:

  •   5 euros = 2kg of dry food
  • 10 euros = 5kg of rice
  • 20 euros = 20 filled and fed food bowls


Dog food was donated by:

Sebastiaan Ouweneel, Monika Janitzek, Julia Genze, Dennis Eichardt, Susanne Hahn, Claudia Huber-Eustachi, Monika Dippner, Marion Dörr, Nathalie Steinhauser, Elfriede Süss, Berit Behrends, Kerstin Labermeyer, Ulrike Quaderer, Monika Angne-Scheid, Irina Schick-Gaidarow, Neza Lubej, Anette Doerter, Nathalie Lütz, Annika Munkler, Kathryn Sanderson, Andrea Otto, Melanie Hujber, Helga Hujber, Anja Kemmer, Reinhard Warrle, Isabel Wolff, Marc Schwier, Sabine Heiland, Tanja Tichy, Selin Böhmann, Tanja Rode, Wolfgang Brühl, Maximilian Mischinger, Caroline Scherzinger, Cini Wohkittel, Timo Reiher, Rahel Zimmermann, Daniela Kaminski, Jana Van Geetova, Martin Henning, Philipp Schuldner, Sylvia Seliger, Luisa Singer, Cassandra Breit, Martin Baumeister, Georgina MacArthur, Andrea Volmer, Andrea Wigger, Philipp Schürer, Claudia Thiedmann, Imke Wangering, Hasan & Verena Yiner, Melody Laffitan, Miriam Nawagamuwa, Karoline Lazaj, Angelina Ege, Jasmin Plag, Karina Schöpgens, Karolina Morcinek, Silke Marten, Petra Seiser, Ilka Petersen, Claudia Weber, Jutta Hildebrand, Michael Heckelmann, Beate Allgeuer


Bernd Hülswitt, Lenka Strilkova. Ricky Wimalaratne, Nathan Schram, Vidura de Silva, Birte Sturm, Birgit Swenne, Claudia Geyer, Madeleine Flickinger, Petra Blank, ATB Aufzugtechnik Berlin, Frank Maier, Maria Saks, Petra Rothbauer, Melinda Neumann, Sabine Olpe, Lara Meier, Ulrike Busche 06/22, Birte Sturm 07/22, Claudia Diwisch-Blasum 07/22, Kathleen Plate 07/22, Carolin Fricke 07/22, Nicole Salamon 08/22, Marina Heckmann 08/22, Farina Faßbender 08/22, Carmen Rothenbacher 09/22, Judith Möller 09/22, Warnakula Nipuni Wickramanayake 09/22, Krittika Singh 09/22

Cow food

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Donate cow food

Of course, our herd of cows also have to be supplied with feed. While we bring them to pasture daily, we also give them concentrated feed, vegetables and extra minerals. We feed the ungulates around 100kg of vegetables and 1 sack of concentrated feed every day. The feed alone costs 60 euros per day. We also have to take into account the costs of taking the cows out to pasture every day, purchasing the food and preparing it.

If we find 10 sponsors who each donate 10 euros a month, the feed needs of the entire herd of cows will be covered!

Cow food was donated by:

  • Johanna Richter 07/22
  • Sabine Vidanapathirana 07/22
  • Martin Lothar Stolz 07/22
  • Marina Heckmann 08/22