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Farm animals at DCC

Thousands of people in Sri Lanka had seen the video of a disabled bull dragging his way through the murderous traffic. But nobody saved him! We were very worried that Rudi would be run over at some point and therefore quickly prepared everything for his rescue. Shortly afterwards we were able to bring Rudi to safety.

Since Rudi shouldn't be left alone, we rescued a cow and her calf from the butcher. There were three more cows with their calves in the dirt next to their conspecifics who had already been killed. We also ransomed these animals and saved them from death at the butcher.

This was the beginning of a new chapter of the DCC because we are now giving livestock in need a life in safety. Of course, this comes at an enormous cost. We need more staff to take care of the ungulates and we also have to cover the additional feed costs.

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