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Documentations about the DCC

Eternal Flame for the Strays

So the "Eternal Flame" for the Strays of Sri Lanka will never die....

Piet Bandiet and Hank Herum dedicated this song to the DCC, and
especially to the work of Marina Möbius - over the years this song 
became the anthem of the DCC.

Please feel free to use and share this song in the name of animal
welfare, but please don't miss to put a backlink to us.

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DCC - We and our project

Since our founding in 2007 the DCC is the to help animals and people. Far more, than "just" animal welfare we would like to introduce some of our key programs to you & to ask you to - Help us to carry on helping !

A day at the DCC

Since 2007 the DCC Team is on duty on all 365 days to fight against the suffering of the dogs in Sri Lanka ... Accompany our team on a day at the DCC, learn more about our work and help us to carry on helping !