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Disabled dogs


They deserve a life in dignity !
Please help us to give it to them !


Disabled dogs have a particularly hard time in Sri Lanka.

Most people here regard them as worthless and so it often happens that owner dogs are simply "forgotten" by their owners after life-saving amputations. They are not picked up again and stay with us for the rest of their lives. Other dogs are paralyzed as a result of accidents, but also as a result of being beaten and kicked by animal abusers. Others are scarred for life due to overbreeding and neglect.

We look after these dogs, who would otherwise have no chance at all, and give them a happy and dignified life. Whether on three legs, with only one eye or paralyzed - every life is precious! As our disabled dogs need a lot of extra care, we need your help to provide them with everything they deserve. Every sponsorship helps!

Some of these dogs are fortunately supported - at this point again a big THANK YOU to all sponsors!

But unfortunately far too many dogs still don't have enough sponsors and that's why we ask you -

Please help us to help !