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The "old" Clinic


After lots of active work the Dog Care Clinic was officially opened
in July 2007.


The dog hospital - now commonly called "Old Clinic"- is equipped to
western standards and was completely renovated in 2016.

Among other equipment it also has an operating theater to conduct major surgeries such as c-sections or amputations.



Most dogs come to us quite weak, malnourished and too often with
open wounds.

Many sick or injured animals are placed at our front gate or simply
thrown over the wall at night.

After successful treatment we either return them to their familiar
environment to care for them on our Daily Tours or we try to find
good ReHome Foster Families for them.

Badly injured, handicapped and old dogs, that are no longer able to
live in their environment, may stay with us and continue their life
in dignity, or we get them a place in our DCC 50+ Project.

All this has to be funded...

Please consider a donation !

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Please help us to help !

Impressions of the "old" Clinic