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We also help cats



At Dog Care Clinic we not only take care of dogs but help all animals. In addition to dogs, cats are our most common patients. People here seem to have more empathy for them and care for them better but there are still numerous cats in Sri Lanka in need of help. They suffer accidents or are attacked by animal haters.

Although not necessarily noticeable at first, the cats also reproduce uncontrollably. Therefore, we also offer all castrations free of charge for cat owners. We now neuter almost as many cats as we do dogs every day. Vaccinations and treatments are also free of charge for owners in need. Older locals in particular take good care of the kitties but cannot afford veterinary costs.

Our veterinary team can carry out all important examinations and treatments. Quite a few kittens were born at DCC by emergency caesarean sections.

We take care of stray cats on our feeding and control tours, too. We feed them and check their health.

Are you a cat lover too?

Only with your help we are able to be there for the cats of Sri Lanka.