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The DCC Intensive Care Unit

Our state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit is next to the operating theatre of the "Old Clinic". Here we can closely observe intensive care patients and weak dogs and can provide treatment for them. An ICU such as this is unique in Sri Lanka.


After major surgeries like amputations the dogs can wake up in a safe environment under observation and can regain their strength until they are fit enough to be discharged or integrated into one of our packs.

Additionally, the ICU caters to the special needs of (sick) newborn puppies. They can snuggle against each other under the warm red light and are  - as far as possible - safe from bacteria and germs.

To guarantee the best possible diagnosis and treatment for our patients we have imported analytical equipment from Europe. Our clinical diagnostics of blood and urine samples as well as our microscopy is of European standard. We can also conduct ultrasound scans and have an X-ray. 

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