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Please send your donation to "friends and family" to avoid fees

One-Off Donations

 For single and/or recurring transfer(s) you may use our donation account

                           To be credited to :
                                     Dog Care Clinic e.V.
                                     Kronenstr. 34

                                     78054 VS-Schwenningen

                            Our account details :
                                     Swiftcode/ BIC SOLADES1VSS
                                     IBAN DE 6769 4500 6501 5096 9221
                                     Sparkasse Schwarzwald-Baar
                                     Villingen-Schwenningen / Germany  

If in Europe please ask your bank about a SEPA Transfer, to keep your fees as low as possible. 

For donations in Sri Lanka please use the following account 

                            To be credited to :
                                     Marina G. Möbius
                                      Mihiripenna Talpe

                           Our donation account in SL :
                                     BIC NTBCLKLX
                                      Account No 200290086870
                                      Nations Trust Bank PLC

With your transfer -
Please give us your eMail and/or the special purpose of your donation,
we may add you to our supporter list and / or name you as the
sponsor of 
a certain dog  or project - Thank You !

We dearly need and appreciate every donantion, that helps us to help !

Donations to Dog Care Clinic e.v. are tax deductible in many (EU) countries.
Ask your tax consultant for details and of course we issue annual donations receipts on request.