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Air Couriers - urgently needed !




Sadly the (new) interpretation of SL import regulations does not make a difference between the import  of goods for commercial purpose and the import of operating goods for registered and recognized NGOs (anymore)...

So we don't have the opportunity anymore to import even the most basic goods like bandages, desinfectants or supplement food e.g. by mail.

Still the import by travellers as personal effects is possible wo. any problems - and so we are frequently and more urgently than ever looking for animal friends, visiting the South of Sri Lanka willing to take some "extra luggage" for us with them.

Just mail us your postal address, maximum weight / dimensions and the packet agreed upon with you will be despatched to all EU Countries on time.

The DCC is known in the whole Galle area, easy to find opened on all 365 days and surely worth a visit for every interested animal friend.

Participants are asked to register 14 working days before departure 

Please do not miss to share our call with your friends  !

Please help us to help !