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Neutering & Vaccination Program

Since the very founding the Dog Care Clinic has always had a focus on a 
consequent program of mass neuterings and vaccinations as the only
sustainable solution for the stray problem in Sri Lanka.

We follow the well-established CNVR method (Catch Neuter Vaccinate
Return). Long-term studies have shown that CNVR solves the problem
permanently and improves the welfare of the dogs involved.

So on all 365 days of the year 2 vet teams are on duty at the so-called
"New Clinic" and also our catchers are on the road every day.

After the neutering - assumed they are healthy - the dogs are
brought back to their territory. So we can continously increase the
amount of neutered strays and gradually gain control over the dog

The stray dog poluation depends on the carrying capacity of the area
which is determined by the availability of resources, mainly food and

Would we not return the neutered dogs nature would fill the emerging
gap by higher numbers of reproduction and migration from neighbouing areas.
The neuterings would remain without effect.

Our daily feeding tour enables us to continue our care for the returned

It's not just the neuterings - with the additional examinations and 
vaccinations we also have the opportunity to reduce rabies, yellow 
fever, distemper parasites and other infectious diseases - thus -
in turn enables social interaction of humans and animals without
risks of infections. 

Neuterings: 76.165
Vaccinations: 576.279
Treatments: 456.086

These numbers speak for themselves and since more than
6 years there hasn't been any recorded case of rabies in 
our area.

But all this has to be funded (cost-calculation as .PDF) and still 
Marina Möbius finances around 60% of the expenses by herself.

So we are in urgent need of your financial help and support to
provide sustainable help !

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