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The Galle Retirement Home

Since 2007 DCC means much more than animal welfare - a social project to help animals and people.Many years ago, we established a program for the local retirement home in Rumassala, Galle.

The residents have about 20 dogs as company and dearly love them...

Unfortunately, the old people are lacking the knowledge - and the funds -
to care for their dogs the way it should be.

The dogs are fed biscuits and sweets, disease symptoms are not recognized and when the illness breaks out the funds for the necessary treatments are lacking. The result: practically all dogs suffered from parasites and infections. Fortunately, the DCC team found out about the situation just in time. All dogs immediately received (emergency) treatments and vaccinations.

But our help doesn't stop there as the men and women of the old people's home also urgently need support. The conditions are catastrophic and often there is not enough food, hygiene items and medical supplies.

Even after all these years, the team of the DCC visits the retirement
home at least every two weeks, gives advice to the owners and
also supports the elders...

... cause in a country without a proper social system its especially the
elders and the handicapped, who are shirked to that home, who are in
desperate need of help.

Only too often they are even lacking food and other small basic items of daily
life - thus -

             Please help us to help !

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