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Marina Möbius

To use the already scarce resources yet more reasonable, I was
trained by local and European veterinarians.

After more than 12 years of active participation in clinical operations
I assist at major surgeries and I'm able to conduct minor operations
and treatments on my own.

Together with our local veterinarians, parasitologist and pharmacologists
I prepare the therapy plans for our patients and I'm constantly working
on improving them.

German and European veterinarians assist us at site and frequently carry
out training classes for my employees and me.

I accompany the Daily Tours as often as my time permits himself, because
the direct contact and and the personal overview of the animals situation
in our district is matter of the heart to me.

Through personal contact with the locals are much easier to convince them
to bring their animals to our free of charge neuterings and vaccinations.

This has always been the focus of my project is the only sustainable solution
for the street dog problem in Sri Lanka.

On all 365 days a year the DCC Team is there for the animals of Sri Lanka
and the numbers speak for themselves -

Neuterings: 71.915
Vaccinations: 572.049
Treatments: 451.785

A smaller, but healthier dog population is my goal - but all this has has to be
funded and after 10 years I have to finance more than 70% of the running
project costs by my own means - every single Euro helps !

Thus my call to all animal friends  -