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A part of the DCC team on the morning briefing
A part of the DCC Team at the morning briefing.
On all 365 days on duty for the strays of Sri Lanka

We and our vision - Help for Animals and People in Sri Lanka

  • consistent neutering programs to reduce the number of stray dogs
  • mass vaccinations in to reduce diseases and to minimize the risk of
    rabies to both humans and animals
  • treatment and care of injured and sick animals
  • increase the understanding between dogs and humans
  • to help the locals in Sri Lanka by our social projects

We exclusively help and work at side in Sri Lanka - 
                  we aren't just exporting problems to other countries

Please support us, so we may keep our project sustainable -
           Here you'll find all the ways, how you can help us.

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On our YouTube Chanel you'll find many interresting clips about us and our vison. 

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