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Name: Amadeus
Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DCC dog since: 5 years and 5 months
External cover for Amadeus at 4.80%

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Amadeus is sponsored by:

Conny Karrasch
Gabriele Feichtmaier


Amadeus "invited himself" into one of the DCC Packs.

In July 2014 our Staff Members noticed a stray, that somehow always made it to sneak in during the daily feeding to snitch some bites of food...

He was in a pitiful condition, but much to shy and scared one could even take his photo.

But after a few weeks Amadeus learned to trust and finally we were able to start the treatments and Amadeus started to recover slowly.

By now he has gained enough trust to continue our care via our daily feeding tour.

Amadeus is hoping for many nice sponsors, so we can be there for him all his life.