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Newsletter 02/23

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Dear friends of the Dog Care Clinic

In our last newsletter, I turned to you for help with great need and desperation. I did not know how to go on. Costs in Sri Lanka are skyrocketing; at the same time, many of our supporters have to tighten their belts. But, despite the cost of living having increased for all of us, the level of support has been overwhelming.

Not only did we receive messages of encouragement but also new

sponsorships, increases within existing sponsorships and generous one-off donations.
I would like to thank you all very much for this outpouring of generosity! With your help you have our backs and encourage myself and my team never to give up. Without your help, the DCC would not be able to survive but thanks to your support, we can mprove the animals' living situation every single day. This is what we can achieve thanks to your support: 

Between May and June were able to spay/neuter 2,511 dogs and cats and carry out 3,797 vaccinations, as well as 21,264 treatments. In addition to this, we were able to carry out 164 major surgeries such as amputations, tumour removals and caesarean sections.


The impact of your donation

Thanks to your help, our Field Clinic will be running 5 days a week for the next two months (I had to cut it down to 3 days per week last month). On each of those days, we spay/neuter around 40 dogs and cats and thus prevent the birth of 65,000 offspring within one year.

I am especially relieved by the fact that I was able to retract three layoffs. Every single member of our team is vital. It is so important to keep every member long term!


We have given dogs a dignified life where others had written them off:

If Linda hadn’t been brought to us, she would already be dead. She was in terrible condition and was close to giving up. Luckily, she was found by a passer-by and rescued. Linda spent many weeks in our intensive care unit until her blood levels stabilised and her fur started growing back.
You can find out more about Linda by clicking on the image

We spotted Gustav during one of our tours of the vicinity. He had a severe fungal infection and babesiosis. We kept Gustav at the clinic for a month until he had fully recovered. Then it was time to re-release him to his pack as a healthy, vaccinated and neutered dog. The following day, however, Gustav was back at our clinic. He wanted to stay with us instead of having to return to the streets. Despite only having limited space we took him in. Klick on Gustav’s image to find out more


Update X-ray machine

Recently, the long awaited X-ray machine was delivered. Unfortunately, the machine deviates from the stated measurements when assembled. This means that we first have to build a new room in order to be able to operate it. Hopefully be able to use the X-ray machine very soon. You will be able to see progress on this on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Again, I would like to thank everyone who helped us buy this vital piece of equipment with their donations! It offers an extraordinary improvement to our diagnostics.


These dogs need your help

What a tragic emergency!
At the age of just three days, these tiny pups lost their mother. Whilst searching for sustenance, she was hit by a motorbike. The accident was fatal. The pups were found by their dead mother’s body, crying out with hunger and in desperate need of warmth and safety. We rescued the 6 orphans and are doing our best to get them through.

Donate here for the 6 orphans (PayPal)

Tom (left) has demodicosis and babesiosis. Little Fido (right) was thrown into a sewage canal by a dog-hater as a newborn pup.

Albert (left) had the worst tick infestation we have ever witnessed. It took several hours to remove them all. He has babesiosis which is fatal if left untreated. After a dog bite, Jimmy (right) ran away in panic. It took his owner several days to find him.

These are j a few of our long-term patients.

Donate here for their recovery

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